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Kristin eats.

January 10, 2010

Mini Cherry Cheesecakes (you also get a glimpse of our new couch), found from a member of “Tasty Kitchen”:

These looked prettier than they tasted, but I know where I went wrong: the crust I thought was not quite right, and there was too much cherry topping for the mini-ness of it. You live, you learn. But they sure are cute. And my small group still thought I was a genious.

Straight from Mom’s cookbook: Almondine Layered Chicken Bake (click for my recipe):

This is totally my “fall-back” recipe. If we’re having people over, and I haven’t already served this, this is what they’ll be eating. It’s really delicious (chicken, green & yellow bean/carrot mixture, mozza cheese, toasted almonds = heavenly).

The white french bread in the background was simply a weak moment. Usually I am anti-white bread. But French bread is hard to resist!

Depending on what I come up for this week’s meals, there may be more to come. Anybody got any ideas?

What’s your fall-back recipe?
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