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First wordpress post…

January 11, 2010

This is my first official post on this blog – all the rest have been selected from a different, private blog that has been ongoing for several years. So if something from a previous post doesn’t really make sense, it’s because I didn’t exactly edit them, or make sure the conversation flowed to fit this particular blog. So if something feels disjointed, that is why.

It’s overwhelming to know where to begin (and it’s a pretty lofty goal for a Monday!). Everything is so new! Fresh! But perhaps scariest of all, it is a blank white canvas waiting to become whatever I want it to become. I’m excited to see where this blog may go. Where it may take me. And what I might do with it. I plan to use it as a place to blog my everyday life at home, from adventures in the kitchen, the musings of a newlywed, and figuring out life in a brand new city. There, in just one post, you already know three important things about me: Dinner every night can be a little bit unpredictable (but usually worth the effort), I’m recently married (will be 2 years in June 2010), and my hubby and I have just moved to a new city in Alberta, Canada – I’m still finding my way around here. GPS anyone?

Welcome to delicious living!

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