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new job

January 22, 2010

Ok! After 6 months of unemployment (best 6 months EVER!) I am officially a working woman, and I made it through my first week. I am EXHAUSTED! Wow, what an adjustment this has been. But it is good. Very good.

I really like the job. In fact, I can see how in the near future, when I really get what I’m doing, and when I get organized, I think I am going to love it.

This week has been such an adjustment though. It was funny because all day long I was working away, and thinking about how I was really enjoying the job, and then I would come home and be SUPER emotional. The first couple days I cried because I just missed being at home. The last couple days I cried, like big ridiculous tears, over every somewhat touching story in American Idol, and I couldn’t bring myself to watch Biggest Loser if I was such a mess over American Idol. Seriously. So obviously I am feeling very tired (I’m up at 6 am), I am definitely missing being home (who knew I would miss laundry?) and I am a bit touchy (sorry Kevin). But I think a lot of that is just, like I said, an adjustment to a new schedule, and a new way of running our home. I came home to beautiful flowers yesterday which always makes things better.

I will soon tell you more about the job itself, but for now, I’m drinking my first glass of well deserved red wine for the week, and am soon to go out and party. Old person style (games with friends and Pepsi, haha).

p.s. I don’t, and never will, actually miss laundry.

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