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my new venture: delishplan week 1

February 7, 2010

Do you meal plan? I never used to, but I’m finding that I desperately need a weekly plan if Kevin and I are going to eat healthy (or eat at all). I’m exhausted by the time I get home. I do not even have a second to think about dinner during the day until I am driving home when it suddenly occurs to me that my husband is probably expecting to eat dinner. Last week we ate meals like toast, cereal, grilled cheese, 1 real meal, and thankfully had a potluck one night with our small group that I just brought a (purchased) dessert to. Not my favourite whatsoever. So, if you are meal planner, please share with me your tricks and secrets as to how you make it work for family, and if it helps you save money (that is a big one for us!). Or, if you are not a meal planner, why doesn’t it work for you?

One of my problems is that I would like to meal plan on Sundays, which doesn’t leave any time to go to the grocery store, unless I do it Sunday night. If you’ve ever been to the grocery store on a Sunday, you know how ridiculous it is – everyone shops on Sundays. Boo. So I’m not sure yet how I will make this work. This week, Kevin and I are tag teaming it, and he’ll do a Costco run for me tomorrow with a VERY specific list, and I’ll either do a run on my lunch break or after the gym (basically means we will be lucky to eat by 7. SUPER!).

Anyway, here’s my attempt for this week.

Monday: Spicy Orange Chicken with brown rice and broccoli (to buy: just the broccoli!).

Tuesday: Meatball and Veggie Stew in the slowcooker from the Better Homes and Gardens cookbook (to buy: frozen, precooked meatballs – if I had time, I’d way rather make them from scratch but this just ain’t happening this week – carrots, red peppers).

Wednesday: Chicken burgers (buy: avocado, tomatoes, whole wheat kaiser buns)

Thursday: Low fat Fettuccine Alfredo with shrimp (to buy: whole wheat fettuccine, real Parmesan).

Friday: breakfast for dinner: Kevin makes a killer omelet, and I’ll make my mom’s hash brown casserole to go with (to buy: eggs, sour cream).

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