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midweek update

February 10, 2010

so after i spent all that time on a meal plan, i remembered that kevin was going to Banff for most of the week. woops. sad i couldn’t go with him, but i felt it was just too early to start asking for time off. plus, if i’m not there, it doesn’t get done = kill me when i return. it would’ve been a really fun trip – all expenses paid, and all my church’s pastor’s and their wives (who i just love) and their families went. i don’t care about the conference, just the visiting and the Banffing. well, there is always next year. or maybe kevin and i should go there for our anniversary… Banff or Jasper people?

anyway, i still went ahead with the spicy orange chicken (kevin was home Monday night). it wasn’t EXACTLY the healthiest….it was coated in flour and browned in margarine and covered with an orange juice based sauce (sugar anyone?). but not surprising, it was absolutely delicious, the perfect blend of sweet and full of full spice flavour (not “hot” spicy, smoky “nutmeg” spicy). kevin and i both loved it, especially with ginger and a can of mandarin oranges. the chicken was extremely tender (like cut with a fork tender), and the sweet/spice sauce on the brown rice was really REALLY tasty. next time i think i’ll grill the chicken as i usually do, and skip the flour coating, but the sauce was too yummy to alter. green and yellow beans were perfect with this meal (i nixed the broccoli but obviously that would’ve been good too).

click on the link to try it for yourself: Spicy Orange Ginger Chicken from one of my favourite sites “This Week for Dinner”. PLEASE, do yourself a favour and do not skip the ginger, it makes a big difference. i lovvvvvvvve ginger.

thanks for your meal planning suggestions. keep them coming. i couldn’t possibly do the same meal plan over and over, but it obviously works for a couple of you, which is great. i’m always always ALWAYS flipping through my cookbooks (the best nighttime reading except it always gets me hungry), reading foodie blogs, and buying more cookbooks (i bought two today. TWO! glory!). we do have a few family favourites, and those do get used a little more often. i’ll continue posting my meal plans as i do them, although i’ll probably use most of this weeks’ plan next week. please feel free to share your meal plans with me back!

besides being super tired and yes, missing home, work has been really great. i feel like i’m really getting it, and everything is coming together nicely. i don’t even really mind the super early mornings. i spring out of bed (okay sludge out of bed) at 6 am and i don’t even feel like death. this MUST mean i like it!

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