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delishplan week 3

February 21, 2010

Monday: Low Fat Enchiladas
Tuesday: Slow cooker something (I have a great pork chops recipe with an apricot sauce I think I’ll do)
Wednesday: Chicken Artichoke Pasta (somehow I have to save that last cup of white wine in the fridge until Wednesday. It’ll be hard).
Thursday: Cajin Chicken Panini’s (mine will be on a whole wheat tortilla, more quesadilla style) and vegetable soup
Friday: Kevin’s night to cook. I really don’t care what he makes!

And guess what, I have zero grocery shopping to do, because I based this week’s menu on things in my fridge. Sweet mother I’m good.

Although I don’t include sides in my meal plans, there is ALWAYS a side of vegetables, and/or rice, or whole wheat pasta, and soon to be incorporated into the J family meal plans: quinoa, a high protein complex carb. Doesn’t get much healthier than that, but I’m not so sure about how the hubby will take it! To be continued…

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