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tired, happy, and so glad it’s April.

April 3, 2010

I feel like March went in like a lion AND out like a lion. No lambs to be found in this household. I hardly know where to start! March (and particularly last week) was unbelievable in terms of all we had on the go, and now I am catching up on everything – sleep, mail, meals, laundry. Did I mention sleep? We even did our taxes this afternoon. Last week ended our long stint of performances, and let me tell you, I was more than happy to say goodbye to it.

Last week we also welcomed several guests. We are blessed with amazing friends and felt so lucky to spend quality time with everyone. But now – I am tired.

There was definitely no meal plan, however we were treated to a delicious meal by our guests on Monday night which also provided much needed leftovers. Tuesday I made a quick chicken fettuccine alfredo (with precooked sliced chicken breasts that were on bigtime sale, and made it all go so fast); Wednesday was leftovers, Thursday was chicken strips; and last night was Joeys with all our friends (I had shrimp lettuce wraps, annnnnd two peach bellini’s 🙂 ) . Tonight we are going out to “Japanese Village” for a friends’ birthday – I’m under the impression it is Samarai-style, so my expectations are high. Mmmmm. Afterwards icecream cake at their place. This equals a good Saturday night.

April is going to be far more low key. So far my biggest plans include getting my hair done next week, and pedicures with the girls on the 13th. It’s gonna be sweet.

Stay tuned for this week’s meal plan. There will definitely be one. Now for my nap…

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  1. April 3, 2010 3:31 pm

    we too have welcomed april as march is just so busy, but busy with GOOD things like birthdays and anniversaries. what did Shauna make for you all? How do you make your Chicken Alfredo? Enjoy your rest….

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