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delishplan week 9

April 4, 2010

so. after going out for dinner twice this weekend and spending the amount of our entire grocery budget for one week, i figure what better time to have a pantry-challenge. yay. not really excited, but, hey, a challenge is good for me. unfortunately i have not had time to really think about what this is going to look like, and truthfully, will take some time going through my pantry to see what we have and how this incorporates into a full on dinner. five of them to be exact. off the top of my head, it’s looking like a mushroom soup and kraft dinner week. i hate mushroom soup. kevin hates kraft dinner. not looking good so far!

after watching “julie and julia” this afternoon, i should be finding myself inspired in the culinary arts. not so. still, loved the movie, not so much the book (side note review: the book i read only consisted of the “julie” side of the story and i found it sooo debbie downer. however, it was an audio book and my only company from vancouver to calgary, so at the same time i also strangly fond the story. the movie exceeded my expecations – i found it delightful!). none the less, i am still un-inspired for the week ahead.

i have managed to find a few recipes that we have most of the ingredients for. i definitely will still need to do a trip to the grocery store but i am challenging myself to spend no more than $30 for the week. totally do-able, right? here is what i am thinking, and meals are definitely subject to change.

monday: kevin has the day off. he can make tuna casserole for all i care but he is cooking. he can even make mushroom soup and i’d be happy. hungry, but happy.

tuesday: pasta night – italian chicken from my newest taste of home magazine. i have everything but the chicken breast, so i will have to pick some up. OR… i just found another one in my magazine that is vegetarian – black bean pasta… i also have everything for this one except for some baby portobello mushrooms that kevin would be all over… this is a good contender.

wednesday: tacos. i just need some lean ground beef. i don’t have tortillas, but i DO have whole wheat pitas in the freezer. this could work…

thursday: slow cooker chicken stew with couscous. i have everything but 1 cup of chopped dried apricots.

friday: not sure.

we are off to Johnny Mayer in about 3 seconds and i am still in my pjs. great way to end a lovely sunday. bye friends!

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  1. April 4, 2010 10:57 pm

    My mom read the book and was very disappointed as well. BUT, then she read My Life in France by Julia Child (the movie was based on both books) and she was much more satisfied.

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