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delishplan week 10: “Dinner Kevin is guaranteed to like”

April 11, 2010
Monday: Macaroni and Cheese with Cauliflower – I plan on adding broccoli and some cooked chopped up ham to this, or maybe even cook half a ham in the slowcooker. I’ll see what’s on sale.

Tuesday: Shepherd’s Pie. Kevin loooooooooooooves this meal, and I have a time tested and true no fail recipe. Takes a bit of work, but maybe I’ll assemble it on Monday night to make Tuesday go easy. We both have evening commitments, so fast = good.

Wednesday: Chicken Broccoli Divan from this really old Campbell’s soup magazine I found in my cupboard.

Thursday: Speedy Spicy Chili, also from that same Campbell’s soup mag. This little magazine is a gem for this week – it EMBODIES food that Kevin will like, it’s as if it came straight out of his Mom’s kitchen.

Kevin is going to Regina to speak at the Jr. Youth Conference, leaving on Friday and home on Sunday, so no meal plan for Friday.

I’m going to be a star this week.

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