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April 23, 2010

According to traffic this morning, I was the only person in this city going to work this morning. Is it actually Saturday? Sigh…8 more hours.

All week I have been excited for this morning because Subway billboards have been enticing me for a free breakfast today – english muffin and a coffee. Subway = fresh, right? Uh, try disgusting and greasy. Buuuuuut the free coffee made it worth my time. Seattle’s Best, organic blend, is actually pretty good. Now I know that Macs is an option for coffee when traveling! Who knew?

Last night KAS and D came for dinner and the evening, and they are so fun to have over. Jamie Oliver came through for me and I made an awesome Shrimp Stir-Fry. What is fantastic is (and I did not know this beforehand), KA had D go through her own JO Cookbook, and flag all the recipes he wanted her to make (THIS IS A BRRRRIIIILLLLLIANT IDEA and I will be implementing it!) – and “Hardly any Prep (LIAR) Shrimp Stir-fry” was one of those recipes. Well how perfect. Stir fry has suddenly become one of my most favorite things to cook – as long as you have absolutely EVERYTHING ready to go before you start cooking, it is so fun! It’s so fast and…. “alive”! A little ginger (ok a lot b/c I always double the ginger a recipe calls for), a little spice, a gazillion fun veggies like snow peas (yum!) and bean sprouts and peppers…. my new favorite oil, peanut oil (what a difference this makes for cooking on high heat)…. I probably put too much cilantro in it at the end, and should have let everyone choose their own cilantro intake (I find people are generally lovers or haters of cilantro. I am a LOVAH). My first time cooking with uncooked shrimp (so easy and I had no need for the back up chicken I had out!) and my first time cooking vermicelli (somehow managed to get it everywhere). ANYHOW it was so good. Love Jamie O.

So although it is Friday, I might actually get a lot done today for the following reason: I have already drank what would be equivelant to 3 cups of coffee (1 at home, and at least 2 from the free coffee from Macs), and I still have a thermos full of coffee that I brought from home. Can anyone say hyper? (Can anyone say “crash at about 1 pm”?).

That is all! This weekend maybe I’ll post that stir fry recipe for you all to try – it was definitely a gooder!

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