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i’m into lists lately

May 6, 2010

Foods I wish Kevin liked:

vegetables, cooked (all) – he does eat them, just in very very small portions – except mushrooms of all things – he could eat mushrooms for breakfast, lunch and dinner.
fresh fruit, and any fruit based dish (i.e. orange chicken)
garlic and most fresh spices (basil, mint, cilantro, parsley, etc)
tomatoes and tomato sauces -this gets its own category outside of “vegetables” because there are so many tomato based foods that I LOVE and don’t get to make very often
spicy food
salad and fresh vegetables
parmesan cheese

Surprising foods that Kevin does like:

ginger (in moderation)
chickpeas and black beans
wild, brown, jasmine and basmati rice
couscous and quinoa
lentils! shocker.
as mentioned above, mushrooms. and carrots (cooked).
most seafood (crab, calamari, shrimp, etc)
sweet potatoes (particularly in the form of french fries which kind of cancels the healthy factor)
multigrain bread

What’s a girl to do?

I make it all anyway

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