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delishplan week 17: Eat, Shrink and Be Merry

May 28, 2010
On facebook this week, I saw two very separate friends raving about this cookbook in their status’ or food comments, or whatever. I have had this cookbook for awhile but have only made 1 or 2 things from it. I realized I haven’t explored it like it deserves. Besides healthy, low fat, vegetable filled recipes, it is funny and clever, and it is loaded with cooking tips, health & food information. I like to read it just to read if that makes sense. The only thing I don’t love is that there aren’t enough pictures. Pictures are often the inspiration behind what I decide to make, so to actually have to read a recipe takes a little more commitment on my part!

Anywhoooo, here is a sampling of what you can expect on our plates this weekend and next week (in no particular order…yet):

1. “Star-Kissed Tuna Melts” – always a winner. Kevin bows down and kisses my feet when I make these. I don’t really need a recipe, but I’ll follow it anyway for a little change from my regular melts, pg 109. Served with “The Three Mushketeers” – aromatic, rich tasting, three mushroom soup, pg 53. I will be able to ask for whatever I want on the night I make this, and my wish shall be granted.
2. “Worth Every Penne” – Whole wheat penne with chicken, feta, vegetables and pesto, pg 182
3. “Silly Greek Chili” – zesty chicken chili with tomatos, zucchini, chickpeas and feta, pg 185
4. “Pizza for the Upper Crust” – homemade grilled margherita pizza (vegetarian meal of the week), pg 70. AND… pepporoni, olives and mushrooms on the other half for MY other half.
5. “One Loaf to Love” – vegetable and cheese stuffed meat loaf, pg 140
6. “Livin’ on the Vedge” – roasted vegetables and sweet potato with lemon couscous (another veggie meal), pg 72.

Some side dishes to try: “Mashed Fauxtatoes (creamy whipped cauliflower); “Britney Spears” (roasted asparagus with balsamic vinegar and feta); “Yummus” (chickpea hummus).

I am excited about all the feta and chickpeas.

Tomorrow night we are having friends over for dinner, and I am making my go-to recipe (what, I love it, okay?), Layered Chicken Almondine with broccoli-cauliflower salad and crusty bread.

I have been totally off my game lately when it comes to both meal planning and cooking, so I am excited to have a plan and get back into the kitchen!

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