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Trademark Infringement? Seriously?

August 30, 2010

I am taking a 5 minute break to explain what is going on with my Facebook page(s). It’s 2:45 pm, I’m at work and haven’t taken a lunch break (besides eating leftovers frantically in between emails, phone calls, and meetings) so let’s consider this lunch.

About 2 weeks ago, I received an email from a certain company. Attached was a 10 page letter that stated they held trademark rights to the term “Delicious Living” and I had until Aug 31 to change both my blog and my Facebook page. It came complete with screen shots of my blog and Facebook page. Honestly, my posts seemed so ridiculous and silly when attached to a letter threatening to bankrupt me!!! Anyway, I am not about to fight with some corporation over the name of my blog, so of course I comply (I’m also a big wuss and pushover). The blog? No problem. My URL was already, and changing the name took me 2 seconds. It’s likely nobody even noticed the change.

The Facebook page – a different story. Facebook does not allow you to change the name of a page or a group. So I have to completely delete the page “Delicious Living” and start all over. There is also no way of sending a private message to all the fans – instead, you have to post it as a status update. There is no way of simply transferring everyone to your new page either. What.A.Pain.

Besides, I was kind of astonished by the 82 people who “liked” my page. It’s seriously humbling when I hear people like what I’m doing – I’m always like, really? You do?! Wow! Or when I hear someone made one of my recipes for their family or for company, or whatever. And receiving comments, especially from people I don’t know? I get excited. Maybe more excited than I should. I had a hard time believing that I could get 82 people to like my new page (I was wrong).

So anyway, I have set up a brand new Facebook page, based on the name that this blog is now officially going by: Delish Living. Click on the link to become a fan. If you become a fan before Tuesday Aug 31 by midnight (mountain time), you will be entered to win a $15 gift card to Starbucks. I will up that to $20 if I get 100 or more fans. So do it – become a fan. I am jumping for joy when you do. My inside jumping that is. I am at work after all.

Moral of the story – google the title of your blog before you register it. I had no idea this could actually be a problem. If this happens again, I give up. I’ll change my name to “Kristin Janzen’s Food Blog”. And I’ll buy the rights.

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  1. August 30, 2010 6:57 pm

    Totally get it….when I had my food business I owned the rights to But there are other addresses such as .biz, .net, etc. etc. On the name I first checked to see if it was taken, it wasn’t. So technically others could use .net or any other one as long as it isn’t .com.

  2. August 30, 2010 9:48 pm

    well that is silly. i’m glad to say so far no one out there is Chomping around… haha.
    i’ll facebook it up too. so hopefully you’ll get to at least 83! that is if my facebook starts working again…
    just remember: you rock, regardless of your blog’s title 🙂

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