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Project Foodblog: The Explanation

September 18, 2010

For those of you who have no idea what I mean by Project Foodblog, this is for you.

Here it is. My first entry. For those of you who are checking in not because you are a fellow blogger, but because you are my friend, or a friend of my parents, or perhaps I have threatened you to read along, you may have noticed the colorful banner on the right hand side of my blog, naming me as a “featured publisher” for something called Foodbuzz. Let me explain: Foodbuzz has orchestrated the first ever online competition to discover the next Food Blog Star. You know, the Kelly Clarkson of Food Blog world. And here I am, competing in the very first challenge.

Participating in this competition behind my computer is Have you ever imagined yourself on American Idol, being criticized on national television by Simon Cowell? I have. Every show, I feel for the contestants as if it were me standing there: red in the face, sweaty-palms, biting my nails nervous for each of them. Online competitions are much more my style. There are 10 challenges over the course of the next few months. The first challenge is simple, but possibly the most important: create a blog post that defines you as a food blogger and makes it clear why you think you have what it takes to be the next food blog star. Only 400 contestants, out of more than 1800, will advance to the next round.

Easy, right? For a girl who has shied away from just about every competition in her life, notsomuch. But this is near and dear to my heart, and I ask for your support in the days to come to vote for me. Oh, and did I mention the $10,000 final prize, along with being featured on Foodbuzz for a year? I’ll give you each a dollar to vote for me. Just kidding. But maybe I’ll make you a muffin. Perhaps a cookie. Or maybe just a great big hug. You pick.

To vote, please read the blog post just above this one, then go to, click create an account, and vote for me HERE beginning Monday, September 20th.

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